Home & Office Move In Cleaning in KL and Selangor

While moving into a new building can be exciting, the condition of the building and how the previous tenant left it may require significant cleaning. But why delay the process when you can have move in cleaning specialists to do it for you? Our company consists of trained experts who are reliable for various cleaning tasks, especially for recently acquired premises. We cover various move in cleaning works, like vacuuming and mopping floor, balcony, basement and attic cleaning, kitchen and bathroom washing and cleaning, and many more. We will make sure that our comprehensive services meet your standard and requirements.

Residential & Commercial Whole-Building Move Out Cleaning in KL

Are you moving out and want your old space to look brand new? With our move out cleaning services, you are more likely to get your security deposit back, as we can significantly clean your premises. This includes organizing your items so it’s easier to pack them later. If you have tough stains or marks that you don’t want the tenant to see, leave it to us to eliminate them. For your information, our cleaning agents are eco-friendly and completely safe for residential and commercial premises. Our KL move out cleaning service will not leave any lingering chemical stains or scents, so your premises will be ready for the next occupant.

Post Renovation Cleaning Service in KL and Selangor, Malaysia

Like cleaning for moving in or out purposes, a post renovation cleaning service also needs to be thorough and complete. In most cases, a construction crew will be leaving the place as-is, so construction effects and materials may still be found even after the crews have left. To have them ready for your tenancy, a long list of cleaning works must be performed, and we can do them for you. We cover garbage removal, vacuuming, mopping and other general works to get your place ready for your residence or commercial business purpose. Call our cleaning specialist in KL now for more info.